What is Bitcoin mining?

Cryptocurrency mining is the generation of new coins, which is done through mathematical calculations of hash functions to carry out transactions in a cryptocurrency network. It is what BTC mining and many other cryptocurrencies are based on. All these calculations and transfers of cryptocurrency take place on the blockchain. Each blockchain has a unique hash. To calculate one block in the chain, we need to find the hash from the previous block.

Why do I need to mine BTC

People use bitcoin mining to generate income. How does it work? The blockchain gives a reward to the miner for computing. The more powerful the miner's equipment, the more benefit he can bring to the blockchain, the more rewards he will receive. To generate income, you just need to create a crypto wallet and receive rewards.

Is bitcoin mining profitable

BTC mining is the most profitable way to mine cryptocurrency. It is the same as printing money for yourself. You get a regular and stable income, while other ways of investing in cryptocurrencies are much riskier and less predictable.

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